Milking Solutions

Rotary milking systems are a faster and more efficient way of milking large herds than herringbone sheds. A constant flow of cows loading onto and unloading off the platform provides smooth cow movement, saving time and stress. At Milka‐Ware Ashburton we offer different milk plant configurations to suit different shed designs.

Some features are common across them all, including a milkline that forms a complete continuous loop under the platform and joins at the milk receiver/s. This line has 19mm welded milk entries, joined by hygienic welded BSM stainless steel unions and is supported by S/S slotted brackets that allow the milkline to be installed with the correct fall. The milkline is cleaned in place during the wash cycle and with the aid of an electronic air injector that blasts the wash water around the line at timed intervals. Vacuum is supplied to the milk receiver manifold via a 101mm vacuum supply line from the sanitary trap.

Milka-Ware Rotary Platforms

Milka‐Ware and P&W Engineering have teamed up to design and manufacture an innovative rotary platform. Designed using the latest 3D CAD modelling tools the Milka‐Ware rotary platform features numerous fresh ideas, and options to suit differing farmer preferences and budgets. The platform comes standard with nylon rollers in a twin beam system, with floor mount pedestals and steel rollers as an option. One of the innovative features available is a full height inner skirt that links into the feed bins, creating a full splash shield from the shed floor to the top of the bins. This offers unrivalled splash protection, helping keep the rotary centre cleaner and dryer and protecting today’s modern high tech milking systems.

Some of the options available are as follows:

  • Hose holes with nylon hose guides
  • Tapered hose slots
  • Internal or external sloping platform
  • 1/2 height upper skirt
  • Full height upper skirt
  • Floor or platform mounted lower skirt
  • Stainless steel feed bins (with/without drains)
  • Narrower or wider bail width
  • Steel roller system with floor mount pedestals
  • Cabinet bails
  • Roof mounted bum and kick rail

Download a detailed PDF about Milka-Ware Rotary Platforms here.


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