Backing Gates

Wireless backing gates are an innovative new product from Engineering Solutions Ltd. Solar powered gates are available and all gates are custom built to suit a farm’s particular needs.

The Wireless Backing Gate operates on a low voltage 24VDC system powered by batteries that are charged by 3 large solar panels. This solar charging system will continue to power the backing gate even after a week or two of cloudy conditions. A radio transmitter in the dairy shed sends a signal to the backing gate for its different operations. The low voltage system used, along with the lack of a troublesome cable down the side of the yard means that any stray voltage issues that can be caused by backing gates is  eliminated.

The backing gate has a steering system that will slow one side down while speeding the other up, thus causing the Wireless Backing Gate to track evenly down the yard. The main frame is a light weight yet extremely strong and robust. A cleverly designed clamping system means it is nearly impossible for the backing gate to come of the top rail of the yard. The Wireless Backing Gate can be used as a top gate bringing up small numbers of cows at a time, or as a dividing gate between two herds.

Standard Features

  • Solar Powered
  • Radio Controlled
  • 24 Volt dc Motors
  • Automatic Steering System
  • Auto stop at each end of yard
  • Adjustable timed forward movement
  • Exceptional Traction
  • No Extra Installation Costs

Optional Features

  • Load Sensing
  • Automatic  Mode
  • Extra Controls  on Gate and/or in Dairy
  • 4 wheel Drive
  • Auto Docking station for rapid charging

For more information, please download our Wireless Backing Gates information PDF here.

or visit our gallery for photos of the Wireless Backing Gate