Milk Pumps

Milking Solutions

Milka-Ware offers a number of milk pumping options. From the dependable and widely used Flomax centrifugal milk pumps, through to the modern high capacity Superflow milk pump. Each of these feature low maintenance reliable ball type non return valves and a choice of manual drain valves, or the facility to connect to an automatic drain system.

  • Flomax Milk Pumps are available in .75kW and 1.1kW models.
  • Superflow Milk Pumps are available in 1.5kW and 2.2kW models.



Milka-Ware offer two types of milk pump controllers. A standard on/off controller where simplicity and reliability on a budget is important, and a variable speed milk pump controller that enables precise flow control. This is more gentle on the milk and enables improved pre-cooling.

  • Standard On/Off Milk Pump Control

The standard on/off controller features a magnetic float and probe switch assembly with solid state electronic switching for the ultimate reliability

  • Variable Speed Milk Pump Control

The Variable Speed Milk Pump Controller features the same solid state float switch, but links it with a controller that varies the speed of the milk pump to optimise the milk flow rate. This option enhances milk filtration and especially milk cooling as the milk passes through the PHE at a more constant rate than with an on/off controller.