Milking Solutions


The Milka-Ware 4000 pulsation controller provides each pulsator with precise electronic control to ensure accurate speed and milking phases. An internal switch mode power supply ensures power for the pulsation
system is maintained at a constant level provided the input supply remains between 110 and 250 volts AC.
This system also provides protection against power surges and overloading.

One Milka-Ware 4000 controller is suitable for up to 60 milking units when used with the Milka-Ware TL or LE20 pulsators. The pulsation speed and milking ratio is able to be adjusted with the option of varying the milking ratio between front and rear quarters being available.


In today’s modern milking systems it is vital that the pulsation system performs constantly at the correct
pulsation phases required. The LE 20 pulsator meets this demand and incorporates features that make it stand out from all the rest.

The LE 20 pulsator provides two separate clusters with alternate 2×2 pulsation. This feature reduces the initial system purchase price and also reduces the ongoing service and maintenance cost. It is important that only pulsators designed with this feature are used in this way otherwise pulsation performance will be severely affected.

This LE20 pulsator is also compatible with Milka- Ware’s variable front & rear pulsation ratio pulsation system. This allows the front quarters of each cow to be milked at a slower speed than the rear and helps milk the cow’s whole udder more evenly.