Vacuum Pumps

Milking Solutions

Milka-Ware Ashburton supply a wide range of vacuum pumps, including blower pumps, liquid ring pumps and rotary vane pumps. To discuss your individual needs, call Luke Maginness today on 021 689 432.

Blower Pumps

Blower, or lobe type vacuum pumps have become more popular in recent years due to their low running costs, low maintenance requirements, and high air flow capacity. A single blower pump can efficiently move the same air as two rotary vane or water ring type pumps. This means that for larger dairies there is no longer the need to have multiple vacuum pump arrays to provide system vacuum.

  •  Blower 4000
  •  Blower 6000
  •  Blower 8000


Water Ring Pumps

Milka‐Ware’s Water Ring vacuum pumps are supplied by one of the world’s largest suppliers of dairy vacuum pumps, and are specifically designed for dairy use. They are very quiet in operation and do not require regular maintenance aside from ensuring adequate water supply.

  • WRC2
  • WRC3
  • WRC4
  • WR1700
  • WR2400
  • WR3200


Rotary Vane Pumps

  • M Series
  • MP Series