Vacuum Control

Milking Solutions


Milka-Ware’s Stabivac regulator system is at the cutting edge of vaccum reguator design. They are extremely stable, reliable and quiet in operation. There are a number of models that can cater to a wide range of air flow demands, offer integrated systems or remote sensed vacuum control. The Sanivac regulator system also offers an option of differentiated wash vacuum to improve wash performance.


Milka-Ware’s variable speed vacuum pump control combines with the cutting edge Stabivac Vacuum Control System to offer the finest vacuum control along with the power savings, reduced noise, and power consumption variable speed motor control offers. Unlike other variable speed vacuum pump control systems, the combination of the Stabivac vacuum control system and variable speed vacuum¬†pump control system enables the Milka-Ware system to be more responsive to small vacuum fluctuations.

The Milka-Ware system is also better able to cope with the large vacuum fluctuations caused by kick-offs and the like becasue the light Stabivac valve can respond to any sudden vucuum needs much more quickly than the ehavy pump and electric motor. it is simply a question of inertia. At the end of the day what does this mean? It means a more stable vacuum than other systems and thus the possibility of better teat health and lower mastitis levels.