Milka-Pro 4

Milking Point Management and Cluster Remover

The Milka-Pro 4 cluster removers monitor milk flow from each individual cow and remove the clusters from each cow at the optimum time. It features a unique end of milking algorithm which enables it to adapt to the flow profile of individual cows. The Milka-Pro 4 unit also incorporates a number of unique features such as centralised control and adjustment, vacuum to cluster delay and residue milk sweep at the end of milking, and optional auto initiation to start milking.

Rotary Cow Retention System

The Milka-Pro 4 has been designed specifically with Rotary dairies in mind. This focus on rotary dairies has meant that significant time has been spent refining the way our retention bar system works so as to match the way farmers work and the way cows behave. One simple outcome of this research is the fact that our system only lowers the retention bar when needed, for the few percent of cows that need more than one rotation to milk out. For all other cows the bars stay up. This means less chance of the retention bars requiring cleaning, and reduced likelihood of cow tails getting caught.

Download the Milka-pro-4 Features PDF