Urban Calf Feeders NOW AVAILABLE

Urban Calf Feeders are now available at Milka-Ware Ashburton

Automatic calf feeding machines provide the basis for the healthy rearing and feeding of calves from their first day of life and should form part of the standard equipment on every agricultural farm. They make the farmer’s everyday work of caring for the animals easier and create free time for other work. This reduces the production costs for restocking and beef production. The machines also allow the farmer to provide an individual supply for each calf.

Each animal is given the desired quantity of milk, divided into several portions spread throughout the day. The calf feeding machine also checks whether the calves have taken their portions at the right times. The desired amount of milk is freshly mixed and raised to the correct temperature. Further the animals’ speed of feeding is recorded. If changes occur in the normal flow of milk for a particular animal the machine warns the farmer, giving him the chance to combat an illness while it is still in the early stages of development.

Today Urban products set the standard in modern calf-rearing. Satisfied customers have confirmed this again and again. This is why the demand for Urban feeding technology and stall systems continues to spread well beyond northern Germany. They are now available throughout the whole world.

You too can use the modern computer controlled calf feeders and concentrate feeders plus the hutches and outdoor climate stalls for the time-saving, cost-saving and healthy rearing of your calves and as a keystone for the financial success and future of your farm.

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